Tips for Taming Naturally Curly Hair

Tips for Taming Naturally Curly Hair

Ride the wave, ladies. Let's talk rocking natural hair. Longtime readers know that my hair has been through the gamut. As worth it as it can be, it never feels very 'me' to glide around with pin straight hair - or even with a blowout to be honest. It's fun, but it's not everyday.

I've met so many girls with beautiful, natural beach waves and gorgeous springy curls and these ladies are writing their hair off as 'frizzy,' 'annoying,' and they are spending all of their days straightening. If I had a nickel for every time I had someone tell me that their curly hair just 'doesn't look good,' I'd never have to work again. Yes, natural hair is difficult to deal with. Yes, it's temperamental. Yes, it's worth it. Let me show you my ways:

Leave conditioner in your hair.

I've said this before and I'll say it again, leave your regular everyday conditioner in your ends. You know how you complain that your hair is 'frizzy'? Frizz is dehydration. Hydrate your hair with conditioner for bouncy, frizz-free (ish) curls/waves.



Apply clarifying shampoo once a week.

Clarify, clarify, clarify once a week or at least twice a month to remove buildup. Your curls may not be forming the way you want them to because there's too much dirt/oil/residue from curl products just sitting in your hair.



 Hair oil. 

When my hair was much longer, I loved using hair oil. Coconut oil works well, but jojoba oil was my personal favorite. I'd apply just a bit to my ends after my shower and it helped fight against split ends. I also sparingly add some to my hair once it's dry if I feel like it's frizzy.



Blow-dry the ends to make it appear longer.

Curly hair can seem unappealing because it springs up an incredible amount. If I want curls and a bit of length, I use a blowdryer on the hair surrounding my neck once my hair is already dry. I know it sounds bizarre to dry already dry hair, but if you want the appearance of longer hair, it works.

When in doubt...

If you are desperate for a quick way to get those curls to do what you need them to do I either - A. add some dry shampoo/baby powder (powder works well for the blondes, badly for everyone else) or B. apply moisturizer to your hands and then gently smooth through your hair. Yes, I said hand/body moisturizer. Frizz means dry, moisturizer means moisture, soooooo it works. Plus, you could theoretically have both in your purse/car/desk at work for trying times.



Does anyone work their natural hair? Tell me your secrets xx

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