- What I've Learned: Starting a Business -

Be dynamic. Always be researching. Time spent reading is rarely time wasted.

Give back. I'm forever grateful for all of the support I've gained, so why not spread the love? $5 from every Qustom Quinns order is given to the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes organization. I also donate QQ products to good causes, so contact me if you have something in mind.

Haters gonna hate. Potatoes gonna potate.

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Photographer | Chris Marciano

Qustom Quinns is a little over a year old! My baby can  finally walk. Starting  my own business happened almost accidentally. One pair of shoes turned into dozens, followed by hats, totes, and tees. My qustomers are awesome and the support I've received has been  phenomenal. But building a business comes with its challenges. What have I learned?

Time management. There are only 24 hours in a day, contrary to the amount of things I would love to fit in. Prioritize. Know when to say, 'yes.' And better yet, know when to say, 'no.' 

Be confident in your product. I never create a product that I wouldn't want to buy. What my qustomers ask for, they get. The qustomer is always right.

Be fearless. Your ideas are worth it. Share them. If you love your work, others will too.  

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