The Big One

The Big One

It's not about one perfect day, it's about a long, happy marriage. Here is yet another big fat wedding post answering all the questions you babies had to celebrate me and Chris’ first wedding anniversary this Sunday. Let's get planning, ladies.

What inspired your theme and colors?


Don't tie yourself down with a color before you've seen the venue. Originally, I wanted my bridesmaids in a metallic (rose gold) to match my engagement ring. Buuuuut, once I had found my wedding gown, I realized that my girls in glitter would look strange standing beside all of my lace and tulle. My favorite colors are pink and khaki (stop judging me), so the dress we wound up choosing for my bridesmaids was unknowingly a combo of both. This shade just flattered all of my girls and went nicely with the venue. 


I knew I wanted a small, intimate atmosphere, but really had no vision...until I saw my venue. My best friend told me she used to 'pass a castle' on her way home from work and I was immediately intrigued. I toured that 'castle,' called Chris, and booked it for the the only date available. The rest of the 'theme' was a perfect storm. My mom would pitch me a ton of ideas - about decorations, flow, etc. etc. and I figured out what I wanted from a year-long game of 'this or that?' If it wasn't for my mom and her eye for design I highly doubt my wedding would have been anything close to what it was. 

My advice for brides-to-be on choosing a theme is to listen. But not to everyone. Find your core group who knows you and let them pitch you ideas. Then be incredibly decisive. Say no, mean no, and don't look back. Trust your gut, ladies. Because if you don't, then who will?

Details on your bridesmaids' robes?

Since I am such a fan of sweatpants, I got my girls cheesy Walmart sweatsuits to wear while they prepped. We changed into robes for our 'getting ready' photos. I just loved the way the blue complemented each of my ladies' eyes/skin tones/whatever I'll stop gushing over them now.

What would you have done differently with the perspective you have now?

I answered this question here almost six months ago and my answer is still about the same. Working full-time, running a business, and being a daughter/sister/friend with a long-distance fiancé was too much for one person. 

I didn't like wedding planning. It felt like a chore, like a thankless job. Not to mention, the lovely peanut gallery that always had something to suggest or critique. I was just checking things off of a list (a really, really long list), writing checks, and making sure everyone was taken care of. It's not to say that the wedding wasn't important to me, but what I was really focused on is the marriage (which my MOH even mentioned in her speech - PREACH, GIRL). That was my saving grace.

Ladies, don't let anyone's sour attitudes dampen your planning. It's yours. It's your future husband's. If you have to turn your phone off to avoid people, do it. If you have to direct everyone to your mom/MOH/friends/dog to skirt annoying questions, also do it. Doing what's best for you isn't selfish. Especially if you're the one paying.

Advice for day of jitters?

Be weird. Be silly. I spent most of my morning pretending that my venue was my actual home. I answered the door for my florist in my sequined Walmart sweatsuit and apologized for not vacuuming before his arrival. I'm weird. I don't really care.

Eat the food you want, listen to the music you like. Don't underestimate how happy the bare essentials can make you. A happy bride is a pretty bride.

What were the best things about the wedding?

Besides Chris, one of the best things about the wedding was the venue. It set the perfect mood - intimate (as if it was my very own mansion), yet dramatic. I loved the food (still getting compliments on it - my people love to eat), the band, the cake, the DJ, and of course, my lovely photographer. There was so much to love. And at the end of the day, you're too tired to remember anything but the good anyway. 

I hope I gave you all the deets you were looking for - comment below with anything else you want to know. I’ve created a wedding planning timeline that I’ll share next week. PS: For more photos I’ve hooked you up on Pinterest. I’m here for you in this desperate time of need aka wedding planning aka gross, but let’s do this together xx

*All photos by Bri Johnson

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