14 Beauty Secrets

14 Beauty Secrets

Hello, hello, my lovelies. I get lots of questions on makeup, etc. etc., so here we are. I did a roundup of my favorite and most useful makeup tips here. Below are a few of my tried and true beauty hacks that I use daily. Welcome to my den of beauty secrets:

  1. Vaseline for...everything. Great moisturizer, lip balm, and makeup remover.

  2. Toilet seat covers = blotting tissue.

  3. Necklaces in straws for travel.

  4. Wash your makeup brushes with gentle face cleanser (Cetaphil).

  5. Flick of liquid eyeliner for the appearance long lashes. Boom.

  6. Baby powder in lieu of dry shampoo.

  7. Cut your foundation with moisturizer to make your own BB cream.

  8. Use waterproof mascara as your eyebrow product.

  9. Apply apple cider vinegar to your face as an acne treatment.

  10. Draw triangle beneath your eyes with concealer.

  11. Soak your nails in cold water after painting to make them dry faster.

  12. Keep eye cream in the fridge before application to reduce puffiness.

  13. Use white eyeliner in your tear duct and on the inner rim of your eye.

  14. Put a few drops of contact solution into your mascara when it’s running out. Makes it last longer.

So, as per usual, tell me your secrets. It’s only fair xx

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