Keeping Fit: The Gym vs. At-Home

Keeping Fit: The Gym vs. At-Home

I lie on my back in the water, watching the reflection bounce off the trees. I drift along and wonder if there has ever been anything more perfect than a nap in the pool followed by leisurely swimming some laps. Boom. Fall happens and every season I agonize over whether or not to pull the trigger. Dare I start a gym membership?

For 10+ years, I have alternated between at-home workouts and the dun, dun, dun, gym. While obsessing over what to do, I've rounded up 5 ways to stay fit using each.

At Home

  1. Yoga Studio App. Major praises for this app - I mention all of the details in this post. I’ve been doing these classes for almost a year.

  2. Asana Rebel App. Perfect for a quick workout. Also great for those of you who are not crazii for yoga. Get the skinny here.

  3. BBG. This program was no joke, but it’s only a half hour per workout. Interested? I reviewed BBG and gave some links you might like here.

  4. Pinterest. An absolute gold mine for finding workouts. See all my faves here.

  5. Walk. The MapMyWalk app is so lovely. It keeps a log of all of your workouts so you can compare, etc. It gently lowers your music to update you when you’ve hit each mile and tells you your time. I wish this app could guide me everywhere.

At the Gym 

  1. Treadmill. Oh, the treadmill. I love u, but I hate u. If you’re looking to go from leisurely walking to kicking your own rear-end, see my running tips.

  2. Elliptical. I was a religious user of the elliptical in college then got incredibly tired of it. I started again recently and it’s actually kind of fun. Well - compared to running on a treadmill.

  3. Weights. Okay, okay, I haven’t actually done this yet, but I should. Would you like updates on this if I do try?

  4. Pool. Enough said. You all know anywhere there is a pool…I’ll be there.

  5. Spin Class. I did this years ago, but I still remember how effective this was. Ow.

    Could you leave your two cents below? I need a workout open forum - puhlease. P.S. I hope you find something new to try from my lists (or something old that you now hate less)!

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