I Gave Up My Phone For a Bit And...

I Gave Up My Phone For a Bit And...

I like the sound of pencil on paper.

Really, really textured, heavy paper. The kind that if you accidentally drag your hand across the sketch, you're covered in a metallic layer of shiny, shiny graphite. 

I like the sound of other people's conversations.

The weird murmuring small talk you overhear waiting in a line. The quieted 'Do we need milk?' exchanges at the grocery store.

I like taking photos on disposable cameras.

The aggressive sound of the shutter. Peering into the little bubble to see how many photos you have left to take. 

I don't like looking at my phone.

What once seemed like the coolest pocket computer becomes a chore. The latest updates pile up, creating an anxious mess of photos and emails and 'have you seen it?' text messages. Instead of giving me more, recently my phone has been taking more away. It's taking me away.

It's been my excuse to not run my hand across the paper, to not listen to what the people in front of me are saying, to not take one thoughtful, composed photo on film.


The girl at the coffee shop had a blonde bob. She spoke so quickly that even my east-coast self could barely keep up. Hopping from topic to topic, Blonde Bob rattled off her opinions and assessments and declarations right in a row, across the tiny table, to her very patient friend. She didn't once touch her drink. She was too busy thumbing through her phone.

Her friend nodded and mhm'ed her way through Blonde Bob's litany of thoughts. Blonde Bob took a phone call mid-monologue, before spending the rest of the coffee date scrolling through Instagram. She locked her phone just once, only to abruptly hop out of her chair and hug her friend good-bye. Saying that they just 'had to do this again soon.' Then she listed her schedule for the next month, fluttering out of the coffee shop. 

There was a large part of me that was horrified by her behavior, but as I glanced around the shop, I noticed every single person was on their phone. Most people, including myself, had become Blonde Bob.

Maybe I wasn't religiously combing through my Instagram feed top to bottom, but I sure as heck was spending more time taking and editing iPhone photos, than I was just, enjoying. I spent some time absorbing the in-between awkward silences sans my precious iPhone and I kind of liked it.

As eye-roll-inducing as the statement 'staying present' may be, it's real. You may see a little less frequency of content here, but it'll be intentional. And the blog content coming your way has my undivided attention. Because I'm here. And I'm talking to you. Besides, if we're being honest, I don't want to be just another Blonde Bob. Love you, mean it xx

How Now, Personal Style?

How Now, Personal Style?

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