How I Got Rid of My Acne

How I Got Rid of My Acne

I spent most of my teenage years with only a pimple or two. I complained about the redness and stared really hard in the mirror, willing the teensy spot to 'go away-uhhhh.' During my freshman year of college, my face 'freaked out' (official term) and I began the war against my skin.

Skin - 13948789234

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Finally, one day, the breakouts stopped (knocking on all of the woods). How? Let me show you the ways:


In kindergarten, I always rejected the recess-time juice. To this day, when people pop open a soda I'm a teeny bit grossed out. It took me several years and hundreds of 4:30 am wakeup calls to even tolerate coffee. Basically, I have always hated every beverage that isn't my baby, water. 

Because I'm team water, I've always assumed that I drink enough of it. And for a period of time, I probably did. My semi self-imposed sleep deprivation, had (has...) me reaching for coffee. An aggressive amount of coffee. While I felt like I had been filling up on water daily, I was negating it with caffeine. And I hadn't even noticed.

What I did notice was that my skin looking less than fabulous and my digestive system all out of whack. I blamed the big changes in my life - I had started new routines and ended old ones. I drastically switched up my workout schedule, but was still feeling 'blech.' I reduced my processed sugar intake. I felt a little better, but something was still up.

Then, I started drinking water. An aggressive amount of water. People ask me how much I drink per day and the answer is I dunno. I drink around 128 oz if I'm at work, but who knows how much when I'm home. According to Google, 8 glasses a day is fine.


I assumed oils and lotions would clog my pores, just creating more heinously sized breakouts. Wrong. Instead my skin was dry, dull and I was still breaking out. Why?

My skin was in survival mode. Because I was depriving it of moisture, it was overproducing oils, leading to the ever-cute mountain range on my face. I started slathering my face with coconut oil every night before bed (sorry for the gross image) and my skin almost automatically started to improve. I switched to Cetaphil moisturizer because I was tired of oil on my pillowcase and this works just as well.


The missing piece in my skin saga was magical toner. I am not exaggerating and yes, you had better hold the phone. Ladies, toner. Every night after I wash my face, I apply toner to get the rest of my makeup off/remove sweat from a workout/make sure I don't smell like chlorine post-pool time. When I forget my toner, I know. I will inevitably wake up the next morning with a little redness and/or a pretty pimple. 

Anyone who has ever suffered with skin issues knows how hard it can be. There's no amount of makeup that can hide how self-conscious you feel when you wake up with yet another blemish/red spot(s)/heinous patch. Ladies, let’s share some skin secrets xx

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