Formulate: A Love Story

Formulate: A Love Story

If I had just one wish it would be to eat whatever I want without gaining an ounce. If I had a second wish it would be to have never-ending wishes. With this second wish I would then wish for personalized haircare.

Do you feel me, ladies?

I’ve been around the block with my hair. I’ve only found a handful of brands that I feel treat her right. And to be honest, I’ve been afraid to branch out. My hair is fine, curly, and bleached (a nightmare trifecta). And this gal has been hurt before. When Formulate reached out to me, I was incredibly skeptical (just ask my sweet Formulate consultant). Was my hair ready to love (another brand) again?

Who/what is Formulate?

‘Personal care products perfectly engineered just for you. Shampoo + conditioner that evolves with you.’

How does this even work?


Since you’re getting something custom (qustom, if you will ;), you have to take this sweet sweet survey on Formulate’s website where you give all the fine details about your hair (pun intended). You’re asked all about your hair type, hair goals (who knew your hair could be so ambitious), and styling methods. Formulate even goes as far as to get to know what scents you like. I am so weird about smells so this was by far my favorite part.

What’s the Formulate team like?

I’m so glad you’ve asked. The Formulate team is so attentive and well-informed. I was always nagging my point of contact (thanks, Caroline!) with questions and concerns. I was a little dramatic and had more than a few, but Caroline was always willing to get me an answer.

What’s the shampoo and conditioner like?

Packaging: The packaging is super modern and sleek - it fits perfectly in the shower. I’m a little bit of a shower product hoarder (my b, Chris), so shampoo that fits into tight spaces is preferred.

User experience: This product is sulfate-free, so no extreme lathering going on with the shampoo. This was a little weird to me at first, but it’s good for your hair, so I’ll take one for the team. Typically when I shampoo my hair, it’s rough afterwards until I apply conditioner. With Formulate, they really listened to my ‘plz keep my hair moisturized!!’ suggestion…meaning that my hair felt soft instantly. The conditioner is also moisturizing, but if you do more than 3 pumps the formula I have tends to make your hair sticky. My only gripe is that I wish there was a purple shampoo element in my concoction. Formulate chemists are working on it though! The scent was a little too earthy for me, but my husband really liked it.

Overall results: To be frank, my hair just looks better. Aside from the lack of purple shampoo and my indifference about the smell, I’m very happy with Formulate. I highly recommend personalized haircare. After all, I wished for it, didn’t I?

I’ve been tracking my Formulate journey on my Instastories (Formulate highlights tab) for some more realness. I had gotten a ton of questions on how all of this business works, so I hope I answered them all! As a special treat, you can enter my giveaway below to get your own custom haircare for free.

Yes, I want free personalized haircare: Giveaway Link!



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