The Recipe for a Girls’ Trip

The Recipe for a Girls’ Trip

Back by popular demand, a guide (or recipe, if you will, because women and food are inseparable) to make for an eggscellent girls' trip.


Like most human beings, I LOVE activities, but I also love rest. Remember not to overbook/double book/have an agenda so strict that everyone is oozing crankiness from their innermost core. I like to have 1-2 plans a day, TOPS. The rest will work itself out, ladies. Put your type A on the back burner. 

Great, concrete plans that work for groups are boat tours, wine tastings, museums, dinner reservations (at a fancy restaurant - do it UP)…do things you wouldn’t typically do at home.

Loosey goosey plans like a DIY happy hour (while you're doing your makeup or maybe in an outdoor space if you have a porch/patio), shopping, an appetizer tour (stop in almost every place you see for fries), and a long walk are some of my favorites.


Nowadays with Airbnb, it is almost too easy to book a room/apartment/house that looks too Pinterest-worthy to be real. For girls' trips, I really love a quaint, homey feel. Places that have fully stocked kitchens at all hours (hello, sailor) are most appealing. What's more fun than coming home from a fun, nonstop day out and having a snack or two before dinner? Answer: nothing.

Lodging with private entrances are also ideal and major bonus points for an outdoor space. 


Lately, easy-to-pack dresses have been my favorite thing on the face of this planet. I neatly roll mine up and place them in giant plastic ziplock baggies that Amazon ships clothes in.

Always, always pack more underwear and camis than you think you need. If you go out and end up shaking your groove thing too hard on an overly populated dance floor and sweat through your favorite tank and shorts combo (hypothetical), you will need damage control. Having an endless supply of camis is great because you can layer them underneath a denim jacket or rock one with a mini skirt. I get mine from Forever 21 for $1.90.

Bring along a handful of cheapie necklaces/bracelets to wear with simple outfits and fool everyone into thinking that you have everything 'together.' Wearing several gold necklaces at once usually deflects from the fact that I'm wearing a boring, solid-colored cami (yet again) to lunch.

Don't underestimate comfy clothes. There have been so many trips where I only pack the cutest, put-together outfits and when it's time to chill and eat some snacks before a dinner reservation I have nothing to chill and eat snacks in...

I rounded up what I need for the ultimate girls' trip here and also, here is a peek into my stunning wine country bachelorette (thanks, ladiesssss). I'd love to do a post about great and specific locations/recommendations for a gals' weekend - thoughts? xx

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