Hey, hi, it's me. Just struggling to accept the end of pool season, beach days, and leaving my apartment in a tank top with no regard for if I'll need a jacket. It's (unfortunately) time for change. After carefully reevaluating my closet, makeup shelves, and habits, I came up with a little list:


Low rise pants. As a self-professed hater of jeans, I'm about to put my foot in my mouth as I say that I'm willing to give them another go. Maybe I'll even delve into the world of structured cigarette pants? I'm getting ahead of myself. I am also so tired of high waisted everything. I may regret it, but the era of 00s low rise is coming back in my world.


Oversized blazers. I've never been a huge fan of cardigans - I have a real gripe with anything that makes my shoulders look slope-y. I love some structure and an oversized blazer is just what the doctor (Quinn Medicine Woman) ordered. They're sort of masculine without being too dad-like and they can also double as a jacket in the fall.

T-shirt takeover. But, Quinn, you're a cami girl through and through! You're so right, lovely readers, I am. This doesn't mean I can't enjoy a truly giant, cheesy graphic tee every now and again. Pairs perfectly with a cotton midi skirt, jeans (I'm trying here), or banded bottom sweatpants (oh stop, you're bad).


Cream lipsticks. I had been going through a matte liquid lipstick phase (that's probably still going on, let's be real), but recently I've been looking for a change. Going oh so retro with cream lipsticks. The staying power isn't as tattoo-esque as I typically love, but it's a comfortable way to switch it up.

Just peachy. I'm more of a pink person, but peach seems so fresh. It's almost spring-y and I love the contrast with dark fall clothes.

CC Cream. My lack of everyday foundation isn't new, but it's new to cold weather Quinn. Like I mentioned above, I want to achieve a really light and fresh makeup approach in fall that'll pop against moody outfits.


Bring sleep back. I have a set wakeup time, so I'm going to get serious about having a bedtime. My biggest issue tends to be excessive sleeping in on one day every other week (specific, I know, but it's an old habit). Keeping a consistent bedtime even on weekends (can you hear me sighing?) will help me feel more rested.


Enjoy outside. I make it a point to take a walk every weekday at lunchtime. Seeing a peek of sun (or clouds) and even feeling how miserably hot or cold it is outside always improves my mood. Every time I think I'm not an outdoorsy person, I go outside and realize that I am unbelievably wrong. I need to do more of this! Having my coffee outside on weekend mornings or taking a short walk to the river post-gym are teeny things I'm going to work into my routine.

Not hate the gym. During pool season, working out is a no-brainer. I hop into my bathing suit so I can get outside and enjoy the sunshine. Swimming is just a happy byproduct. In the fall? I have a bad habit of pre-gym dread. I let myself sit and think about how much I 'don't wanna go' for an embarrassing amount of time. This, in turn, pisses me off, because I hate wasting time. It's a domino effect that results in me hating the gym even more than I did when I decided I was going to go in the first place. It's a long shot, but I'm going to lay out my gym clothes the night before, so that when I get home I can get changed and head off before I have the time to second-guess myself.

What are you changing for fall (or for life)? xx

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