Finding Inspiration Again

Finding Inspiration Again

I was feeling depleted (creatively, especially) because when I thought I was rejuvenating myself...I wasn't. Too much time spent online, too much time spent in my cubicle, too much time spent texting. Some things are unavoidable (you gotta work), which means that time that is truly yours should be spent wisely. Here are a few things that are helping me get inspired (without stressing me out...):

Figure out if you're an introvert or an extrovert. Then, recharge accordingly.

One size does not fit all. Whereas my husband (introvert) can recharge reading a book or playing video games by himself, I (extrovert) don't feel rejuvenated by time spent alone. I surround myself with a lot of introverts (I got a type), so when I hear about what works for them, I can feel a little lost. Why do I like reading at my busy apartment complex pool so much better than I like reading alone? Why do I like to meet a friend for coffee more than I like sipping it alone on the couch? Finally, a lightbulb went off - I like to be around people. There, I said it. It's an unpopular opinion. It may seem like it's draining. And for you it might be. Figure out what's not draining for you. Then, do it.

Find your comfort zone and embrace it.

There's a lot to be said about reaching outside your comfort zone. Trying new things offers a new perspective. As someone who loves change, sometimes I spend a little too much time outside my comfort zone. I don't get enough rest or rejuvenation because I'm constantly in search of the next challenge. I am still learning how to just...relax. Sometimes giving 90% is better for you than giving 110%.


I love travel. It is my #1 most favorite activity (if eating and sleeping are excluded). Traveling can be expensive, you often need time off from work, and it can be tiring. I'm not in the position to jet off at a moment's notice, so what is a Quinn to do? Staycation.

Taking it easy (are you sensing a theme in this post?) and enjoying what I have at home helps me to find inspiration and it also helps me to ground myself. I worked so hard for so long to have what I have (and I'm sure you have too)'s time to enjoy it.

Do something a little different.

Going out to eat is my #2 favorite activity (unless it's out to eat while traveling, then it's #1). It can get expensive and it also requires real people clothes, so what's a good alternative? I've mentioned before that Chris is an amazing cook. It's a talent that he mainly uses to meal prep for us. We rarely eat a hot meal at home together because even with just the two of us, life is crazy busy blah blah blah cue the excuses. Eating dinner together at home is something 'a little different' and it's AWESOME. Totally recharges me.

Be outside.

Just do it. I know you're exhausted immediately after work and you just want to run home and dunk your face into snacks (just me?). Sit outside to eat your snacks. Or take a walk. Or at least take your trash out super slowly and get in a little sunlight. I never know how much I love being outside until I'm there.

What helps you when that 'blah' feeling starts creeping in? xx

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