Best Buys of 2018

Best Buys of 2018

I’ve been feeling under the weather, but regular posting back soon - promise! Until then, retail therapy seems like the best medicine…right? Some of these products are simple, no-brainers, but seriously they are da bessss and you should take them as seriously as I am seriously telling you to take them. These babies made 2018 a whole lot easier:

Best of Skincare

Cetaphil has changed my skin, therefore has changed my life. Granted, I believe that your skin is mostly affected by genetics, environment, and stress levels (lol, so everything), but that doesn't mean that certain products aren't the bomb diggity. Read all about my ever-cute acne journey and how Cetaphil helped take that b away.

Best of Beauty

There are SO MANY beauty items that I love (Kylie Liquid Lipstick, Maybelline Pushup Drama MascaraBarePro Foundation, etc., etc...), but as for products I actually found this year, NYX BB Cream takes the cake. It's so affordable and has such great coverage. Me loves you, BB. 



Best of Haircare 

I've tried a lot of hair products within the past year due to hair loss and also my love of product sampling. I was sent this L'Oreal Elvive and it was love at first smell. It's so sweet, makes my blonde so much brighter, and makes my curls bouncy after one use. Ideally, I use it once or twice a week with my Redken shampoo and conditioner. 

Best of Home

Call me a dad, but cowboy coffee is my thing. My actual dad has always made coffee for me in a percolator coffee pot since I started drinking coffee, but having one of my own is a relatively new thing. It's my favorite contrary to the fact that my non-coffee drinking husband is the one that usually makes it for me.


Best of Sleep

To put it bluntly, this is so simple that it's stupid. Stupid that I haven't bought an adorable fuzzy sleep mask before. I thought the faux fur would bother my eyes, but it's the opposite and you need this.

Best of Shoes

I'm a shoe junkie, I'll say it. I've tried and bought (buyed, lol rhyming). But these are permanently on repeat and you should join me.

What are your best buys of 2018? It’s okay, you can tell me - your secret(s) is(are) safe with me xx

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