Bathing Suit Roundup

Bathing Suit Roundup

Bathing suits aren't just for swimming. I know of several people who won't so much as touch the water, but still need a good suit. Ladies, I'm here for you. I've been trying and buying swimwear for years and this has been a much requested post. Let me help you, help yourself:

The All-Time Greatest: J Crew

J Crew has the best well-rounded swimsuits, hands-down. They last multiple seasons (I have two ballet one pieces that have been chlorine-ed into oblivion, yet still fit/have not yet disintegrated). I do laps in all of these suits (even the bikinis). The suits do run small, so size down about one. In most brands I'm a small/4-6, but at J Crew I'll do XS/2. Not gonna lie, J Crew swim is better suited (pun intended) for my smaller chested friends. There isn't a ton of coverage. I talked at nauseam on my Instagram stories (on the 'Florida' highlights tab) about the new styles/cuts I got from J Crew. Below are a few of my favorites - some oldies and some goodies:

Sizing: Runs large

Pros: Lasts multiple seasons, little to no color fading, fits well, great for swimming

Cons: Expensive, not full coverage for larger chests

Total Rating: 10/10 (J Crew, you’re a dime, baby)

The Most Convenient: Amazon

Amazon is wonderful for getting you some of the best deals quickly, easily, and did I mention quickly? If an unplanned beach trip arrives, have no fear. As long as you don’t mind reading some reviews and rendez-vousing with 1-2 day shipping, Amazon is your girl.

Sizing: Depends on brand

Pros: Quick shipping, reviews on each piece are readily available, low prices

Cons: Coverage isn’t stellar, sizing is erratic

Total Rating: 6/10

The Cutest: Target

Target has the most adorable swimwear. The colors and patterns are bright and fun, plus the coverage on the suits is no joke. Most of my Target suits last multiple seasons with little fading. It’s my favorite place to buy some brights.

Sizing: True to size (TTS)

Pros: Lasts multiple seasons, little to no color fading, great variety of colors/prints/fits, decent prices, good for poolside

Cons: Not all styles are great for swimming

Total Rating: 8/10

The Backup: Old Navy

Old Navy is hit or miss with a lot of their patterns/prints, but I always find something that I want to make work. This makes her ole reliable if I can’t find anything trendy at Target, daring on Amazon, or just plain pretty at J Crew. This season, our girl Old Navy is killing it with the swimwear. Writing this post has been a dangerous game for me…

Sizing: Runs large

Pros: Great colors/prints, low prices

Cons: Sizing can be strange with some pieces, not always a big selection

Total Rating: 5/10

What brand am I missing that you know and love and are hiding from me? As always, asking for a friend xx

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