8 Things I've Changed (with My Hair)

8 Things I've Changed (with My Hair)

I've been droning on and on about skincare, but that doesn't mean I'm not (almost) as obsessed with getting my hair healthy. Here's what I've changed:

Dye hair 0-2x per year.

This hurts. I used to get highlights so often. It was fun and bright and did I mention, fun? But, I had to back off the bleach to get my hair to do what I want (grow). Now I highlight my hair about every 6 months and it works for me. I'm used to how my roots grow in and it doesn't bother me anymore. For my blonde friends, a good toning shampoo helps to extend your blonde - all from home! Fudge was a recommendation I took and I love love love it.

Teeny tiny trims.

When my hair has had enough, it gets really fuzzy at the ends. We're talking tail of a stuffed animal fuzzy. That's how I know it's time to snip the teensiest bit off. You don't need to go hacking off inches to get your hair to grow. You can do it yourself (only use professional hair scissors) or go to an actual professional (recommended, but...I almost never do this outside of my bi-annual/annual visit to the salon).

Beat the heat.

Your hair (most likely) can't take the heat, so get her out of the kitchen (lol). I have never been big on applying heat to my hair - I've been a wash 'n go gal since birth. Sometimes you want some variety outside of the typical airdry and I totally get that. When you're feeling froggy, pull your hair back into a tight bun once you're out of the shower and let it loose once it's almost dry. This can give you less volume and a different curl pattern, which isn't always as fun as a blowout, but it's different and healthier. Depending on your hair consistently, it can give you some rockin' beach waves.

No brushing.

You heard me. Detangle your hair with your fingers in the shower while you have conditioner in it. Brushing tears up your hair so much (if you don’t have the right one). I've been using a wide tooth one through my curls and I love how it's been working.

Leave your conditioner on your ends.

Every time. This moisturizes and strengthens the fragile ends of your hair. Use a clarifying shampoo once a week to remove buildup.

Wear extensions sparingly.

I was a huge extension fan back in 2012. I would wear my clip-ins every day. While that may work for some people with strong, thick hair, it did more harm than good for me. It actually ripped out sections of my hair around my ears. No good. Since that horrifying salon appointment when I discovered I was losing hair...I have been really careful when wearing my clip-ins. I make sure not to wear them for an extended period of time (no more than a few hours) and I never ever sleep with them in.

Get serious about your products.

Put the Suave down. Really look into the shampoo and conditioner you're using and see if it's right for your hair. Read reviews. Ask your friends. Do your hair research! My favorite is Redken Strength and Conditioning (been using on and off for 5+ years).

Give your hair a break.

Easier said than done. Most of the time, simply don't do anything with your hair. Let that girl airdry. No products needed if you leave your conditioner on your ends. If you must put something in, use a curl cream, a leave-in conditioner, or an oil.

There you have it - my hair rules that I've instated over the years. When I follow these, I have fabulous curls, so...let's go! What are you hair rules and regulations? xx

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