5 (Halloween) Party Must-Haves

5 (Halloween) Party Must-Haves

Not to sound like an AARP cardholder, but the older that I get the more difficult it is to see friends. It’s a lot easier to get together when you offer food (and fun) and decorations into the mix. I threw my first ever Halloween party (I have been waiting to do this since I was 11, stop judging me) and it was just as faBOOlous as expected. Buckle up, puns a-plenty coming at you. I’ve rounded up my top 5 Halloween party must-haves:

  1. Cute Drinkware

    You all know by now that my mom is the decorating connoisseur (just look how she handled my entire wedding 1, 2, 3). I went shopping in her craft drawer and she gifted me these cutie ghostie face decals that can be put on any glass. Naturally, my theme of ‘go big or go home’ had me pasting them on wine glasses and water glasses. With a few left over just in case. My best friend gifted us all punny stemless wine glasses and I am not ashamed to say that I love them so much, I might use them post-Halloween. After all, we’re only here for the boos.


2. Linen Napkins

Being in an apartment has caused Chris and me to really think about the physical things we purchase - including decorations. I love celebrating the change in seasons (now that I’ve found an indoor pool, I’m not as bitter…) and in the Marciano household, we party with fun napkins and dish towels.

3. Candles

I am terrified of fire, yet love to look at all things like fireplaces, fire pits, and candles. Candles make the ambience totally cool and adult, plus Chris loves them. Wins.


4. More Food Than You Think

My party guests delivered. Between homemade cupcakes, classy cheese, fancy crackers, and good wine we were in absolute heaven. If people offer to bring things, let them! If your party is mostly appetizers and desserts (what other kind of party is there…?), it’s so easy for your guests to cook/bake/buy.

Major shoutout to my chef (and now baker) of a husband who cooked homemade roasted tomato basil bisque soup (we sure do love our apps). And surprise baked us a fall spice bundt cake. I ran out of time creating a tablescape, so I bought Halloween Oreos…#invitemetoyournextparty


5. Serving Plates

Chris loves to cook and I am learning to love to entertain, so we decided to ‘splurge’ and finally get some serving plates. He picked these awesome Day of the Dead plates, which he convinced me can be used year round. I mean, who’s about to tell me they can’t?

So, how do you babies throw a party? If you do. Apps and drinks? Dinner and dessert? Tell me your secrets xx

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