5 Free-ish Valentine's Day Dates

5 Free-ish Valentine's Day Dates


As much as I would just like to pull the trigger already and take a long weekend trip for Valentine's Day, the smarter (lol) part of me is saying, 'cool your jets.' I came up with this little list of five things Chris and I like to do - maybe you’ll dig a few of these ideas too?

Day at the Art Museum. 

Any museum will do, but to me, art is more romantic than science (says me). Chris and I are spoiled living in the same city as the Philadelphia Art Museum, so there are our plans. What says Valentine's Day more than a dramatic run up the Rocky Steps?

Bake Together. 

It's no secret that my husband is the master in the kitchen, but that doesn't mean I can't hop in once in a while. For his birthday, I got him the Kitchen Aid Ice Cream Maker, so maybe I should change this date idea to 'make copious amounts of ice cream then talk about going to the gym next week.'

Groupon 'Things to Do.' 

Oh, Groupon, how I love u. You would be surprised (or not) at how many events/classes/anything is going on in your city all of the time. From massages, to woodworking, to candle making, to painting, to bar crawls, there is literally something for everyone. Plus, if you do want to 

Breakfast Out. 

Breakfast food is significantly cheaper than dinner and it just happens to be my favorite. All you can eat pancakes may be seen as tacky, but I'm into it. Cash me at IHOP.

Coffee Date. 

There's a laidback, couch-floppin' beach cafe complete with a coffee shop dog that my husband and I love to frequent on vacation. We have just as much fun spending a morning people watching and eating muffins, as we do at a new wine bar downtown. Different fun, but cheaper fun. And, yes, there is a difference between 'breakfast out' and 'coffee date' - no all you can eat pancakes at a coffee shop! But both are acceptable to me.

Obviously, all of the above also apply to Galentine’s Day. By the way, is anyone celebrating? Leave your ideas below xx

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