5 Favorite Cake Spots, Ever

5 Favorite Cake Spots, Ever

Loving cake is a huge (yuge, even) part of who I am. If given the opportunity to eat just one food for the entirety of the rest of my life, I would answer 'cake' without hesitation. Do I have a problem? Sure. Do I care? No, until I have a doctor's visit. Here are my 5 favorite spots for cake (cupcakes is cake too):

Ciao Bella Cakes.

Location: Hatboro, PA


Chris and I loved our wedding cake so much that I surprised him with a mini version on our first anniversary. It is pictured above - serious YUMMO, as I like to say. The inside of the mini is chocolate cake with cookies and cream filling and buttercream icing with jimmies. Not sprinkles, jimmies, there is no debate on this blog.

Stock's Bakery.

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Hai, pound cake. You're looking fine. I'm not normally a pound cake kind of person (lol, ok, Quinn), but Stock's has made me a changed woman. Their pound cake with vanilla icing is as legit as it gets and worth every pound you gain eating it. Stock's is no frills and can get super crowded (or just be closed), so act fast.

Cheesecake Factory.

Locations: Mostly everywhere, you're welcome

Call me basic for this and you would be right. Take your labels and eat them, sweet readers, because your judgement will not change how I feel about the Cheesecake Factory dessert menu. I cannot pick a favorite, it all depends on my mood (some days Red Velvet cheesecake, others involve Adam's Peanutbutter cheesecake, and then there's the Godiva hot fudge sundae). I haven't been in a minute, but there's something about writing this post that makes me want to pull on my UGGs and hightail to the CF (Edit: Since writing this post, I have gone to the CF and it was as amazing as remembered). PS: Chris drove almost an hour to take me here on one of our first dates and it made me so happy I almost cried. MEMORIES.

Simona's Bakery.

Location: Sea Girt, NJ

The cupcakes here (cupcakes are mini cakes, this counts) are out of this world. Before we got married, Chris and I used to bop over to a cheapie beach hotel a couple of times a year to get away. We stumbled into this bakery nearby when I wanted cake by the ocean (during the height of DNCE's popularity, of course) and whoa mama, is it good. There are hefty amounts of filling in these cupcakes and Simona, teach me your ways.


Cupcake Charlie's.

Locations: New England

Get the Cupcake Ice Cream Sundae if you want to feel an immense appreciation for the ability to taste. This comes in what looks like a cupcake canoe. It is huge and it is beautiful and makes me want to do an entire post on my favorite ice creams. I got the peanutbutter cupcake with twist ice cream and you should replicate my order (that's an order).

Bonus: Diners. (that have an on-site bakery)

Diners used to make me nervous. Places with big menus make me suspicious. Nobody can make that many things well, right? Moving on from my slight aversion to diners...What I do trust from diners (besides breakfast and decent coffee), is cake. There is nothing more comforting to me than cozying up in an oversized booth, ordering a decaf coffee and a slice of carrot cake a la mode, and eating it all in banded bottom sweatpants. Oh yes, cake a la mode. Judge. Me.

Would you like to hear about my favorite pizza(s)? I'll need to recruit my husband as secondary taste-tester on this one, but I'm sure if we can handle it.

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