- Travel To Do List -

Photo by  Chris Marciano

There's so much more to preparing for travel than packing! Of course your pre-trip activities depend on your getaway's location, but there are several items consistently on my checklist:

Prepare your camera. SD cards and batteries may be last on your mind while you're making sure you have all of those killer outfits packed. However, these items should be on the top of your list! If you are anything like myself, you love to record those vacation memories. After a few past mishaps, I always make sure to keep an extra SD card in my wallet.

Pack sweatpants. I don't care who told you sweatpants are off limits, but they're wrong. I am consistently guilty of either forgetting pajamas and/or getting sick while away from home. In both cases, comfy pants are more than necessary. You'll thank me later.

Home manicure. This is just one of those things that tends to make me feel more put-together. Painting my own nails gives me the chance to take a relaxing hour to myself before I leave. Plus, having a nice manicure makes for great photo opportunities, i.e. coffee snaps, etc. for Instagram.

Cash. I live in a world where a Wawa is almost always conveniently placed. When I travel elsewhere and can't seem to find an ATM without a fee, I panic. Don't be like me - always have a few bucks on you, especially in case of an emergency. Because I always seem to forget.

So, let's hear it - what do you have to do before a vacation? xx 

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