- Winter Hair Revival -

Dry. Frizzy. Crunchy, even. Winter hair is no woman's friend. I try to keep my hair in decent condition although it's tough do when it's fine + curly, when I like to blow-dry it occasionally, when I love to swim in chlorine. How do I keep my hair in check  during the cold weather months? These are two products I've talked about before, but they're still in my arsenal, so why not bring them up again? 

I begin with a purple shampoo to get rid of any buildup and tone my highlights. I've been using this brand since I went blonde almost three years ago and I love love it. I leave this in while I finish my shower, then I rinse. I then liberally apply Hair Mayonnaise (sounds gross, but is amazing). Since my hair is curly and tends to be very dry, I leave this product on my ends. For normal hair, it's typical to leave in for about a half hour. But, my hair is a diva, so no rinsing for me.

I just did this combo last night and as I'm writing this my hair feels amazing! My curls are more defined and no dreadlocks for me today. How do you deal with winter hair, lovelies? xx

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- Try it Tuesday: Kickboxing -

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