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- Why Not Both? -

- Why Not Both? -


When I was six years old I wanted to be an artist. I drew big ovals on sheets of paper and divided the shapes into quadrants. If I messed up, I would erase and continue. Erase and continue. Erase and continue. I was creating a face. It was a painstaking process even at six. 

I liked sitting at my school desk. I enjoyed paging through my textbook. I was a huge fan of following directions. The kids around me rolled their eyes as I diligently wrote in my copybook. They looked sullenly at their notebooks as if this was prison. I wondered what was wrong with me. 

What kind of artist likes structure? You can't be considered creative if you like following the rules.

Last night I stared into my can of pens, debating between a fine point and a super fine point. A pair of white slip-on sneakers sat next to me, the left shoe covered in an ink sketch. A finished portrait sat in a cardboard box, waiting to be shipped. An open blog post sat on my computer screen, a few paragraphs long. I chose the super fine.

This morning I woke up to an alarm. I put on a pencil skirt. I matched it to my patent leather heels. I made a pot of coffee just for me. I went to work with a packed lunch. I listened to talk radio on my commute.

Was I giving in? After all, true creatives don't clock in at a machine. They aren't concerned with money and obligations.

Wrong. You can be whatever you want to be. Even if it's a hybrid combination of art plus business casual. 

This post is for my girls who want to do something, but feel like they can't. You can do both. Unwanted criticism cannot stop you from making a move. Do you play an instrument by night because you're working your office job by day? Love science even though you're a cashier at a department store? Want to give standup comedy a try even though you're an accountant?

Do it. Do both. You are not 'giving in' with your day job. You are not limiting yourself by loving to work in a store or at an office or behind a counter. There is power in being self-sufficient. There is power in learning. There is also power in rising above the labels and opinions of others.

If you need me I'll be the girl with the office pen. It not only takes notes, but I hear it makes one hell of a drawing.

- Lately: LXV -

- Lately: LXV -

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