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Photographer |  Chris Marciano

Photographer | Chris Marciano

Let's get real for a second here. Sometimes things aren't all lipstick + macarons. There are moments that are tough. Below are a few tidbits of advice I've picked up - during the last two years in particular - that I find to be more than helpful.

Be kind. More often that not, you get what you give. Being genuinely nice doesn't you cost a dime. And here's the kicker, most people respond positively to kindness. So, smile! Besides, frowning causes wrinkles. 

Stop it. Are you feeling jealous? Stop it. Negative? Stop it. Scared? Stop it. I think we know where this is going...you are in control. If you want something, earn it. If you dislike something, rid it from your life. I understand that it's not 'that easy,' but trust me when I say that it can be if YOU let it.

Exercise.  Exercise for YOU. And, yes, there is some form of exercise that you probably won't hate - that much. Take a stroll at lunch. Ride your bike to work. Dance around your room. Stretch it out at yoga. Let your mind wander + release that pent-up stress.

Look outside of yourself. When you're feeling exceptionally down, it's time to focus on something - or someone - else. Pet your dog. Make your parents dinner. Buy someone a coffee. Volunteer. Once you've donated your time to someone in need you'll understand. It is humbling. It is challenging. And, hey, you might actually like it.

Stop reading inspirational quotes. Live them. Can you imagine what the world would be like if every girl that owned a poster of the Dalai Lama's philosophy in her dorm room actually practiced those words? Spoiler alert: it'd be awesome + there would be more sleepovers.

Do one thing a day that you'd rather not. Call an elderly family member. Recycle that water bottle you would rather toss in the trash. Be tolerant of that trying person. Walk the dog. Read. Just do it. I know you can.

What's your favorite advice? Comment below, lovelies xx 

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