- #WeddingTalk: What to Wear to a Venue Tour -

Searching for wedding venues. It wasn't until hours before an open house that an outfit even crossed my mind. I had my questions for the tour guide prepared, my research done, and my outfit was currently all business. Was that acceptable to wear? Was I going to be comfortable? Is this what everyone else would be wearing? Suddenly, I had 100 questions and no one to answer them.

So, here are tips I've gathered for when you're touring potential venues:

Location, location, location. Consider your venue type (i.e. country club, barn, etc.). You may not want to wear the banquet hall appropriate nude pumps to scout a beach wedding location.

Comfort. Chances are you're going to be doing a lot of walking during your tour. Even if your venue is tiny, you're going to be doing more standing than sitting. If you're comfortable in heels - go for it. If you just like sneakers - do it up. You are the bride. No one is going to question you...except for maybe the groom ;)

Incorporate Your Everyday Style. It sounds completely cheesy, but wear what you think represents you. If you feel uncomfortable while you're at the venue in your favorite outfit, then maybe that isn't the space for you. This is a great way to help narrow down your top locations.

PS: I wore high waist light wash jeans, a tee from my favorite coffee shop (similar style), + nude wedges (I can't resist a little height)!

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