- #WeddingTalk: Dress Shopping -

Finding the one is so important. The dress that is ;) In all seriousness, the thought of wedding dress shopping made me feel more nervous than excited. I was so determined to find a venue and set a wedding date that the thought of the dress almost slipped my mind. I figured it would be something that work itself out. LOL, Quinn.

If anyone else is like me and is wary of the whole dress-picking process, here are some suggestions to make your search just a little easier: 

Do Your Hair and Makeup. You don't have to arrive at the bridal salon prom-ready, but take the time to apply your makeup + style your hair. Make yourself feel good! If you look presentable, you'll automatically feel better while you fashion show.

Keep It Small. Only bring your inner circle with you. Surround yourself with positive family and friends who will know when to give their opinion and when to reign in their comments. Negative Nancy's can stay at home.

Have Fun. This point sounds incredibly cheesy, but it's so true. My best friend reminded me that dress shopping is essentially just playing dress up with one of the prettiest things you will ever own. My entire mindset changed. Who doesn't want to twirl around in dresses like a real live Barbie? 

Has anyone else gone through the wedding dress process? What's your advice? xx

- Lately XXXIII -

- Punkin -