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- #WeddingTalk: Cake 101 -

- #WeddingTalk: Cake 101 -

Brides, grooms, and guests alike tend to write off the wedding cake. Great aunts may think it's for decoration. Your little cousin may use it as ammo for a food fight. And, your friend's girlfriend may shrug it off as extra calories. Don't let them be right! Put thought into what your cake actually tastes like. You'll thank me. Preferably with cake.

As a sugar bear, the wedding cake is a very important item on my agenda. No, I don't just shove cake into the wax paper bag and let it go uneaten. It is sacred to me and I want my guests to truly enjoy their dessert. So, let's get to it: Wedding Cake 101.

Where do you get the cake?

I am lucky enough to have my wedding cake tied in with my catering contract. I would highly recommend this route. Solely because my super awesome amazing caterer respected a bakery, I did too. Trusting? Sure. A flawless strategy? We'll see.

If you are going with a separate vendor for your cake, do your research. Just because something looks pretty doesn't mean it tastes any good. If you're not concerned with taste, just the style, then start stalking bakery photos for decoration ASAP.

What questions do you ask during the cake tasting?

  • Do you provide cake toppers?
  • Are toppers extra?
  • What is the up-charge for outrageous and alternative flavors?
  • Can I nix a tier on my cake and have assorted pastries instead?
  • What mini desserts do you offer and are they available for sampling?
  • How much advance is needed to decide on the final cake style?

How do you pick a cake style?

My cake-spiration, as I like to call it, can be found primarily through Pinterest and from actual weddings I've been to. I was lucky enough to be able to attend four weddings immediately after we got engaged. I was spoiled with cakes, macarons, cheesecake, candies, and even vegan desserts. By the time my cake tasting rolled around, I was a seasoned pro. But, I still needed decorative inspiration from Pinterest. We've decided on cake flavors, but not a style just yet. How am I to choose?!

Don't be afraid to do what you want with your wedding cake. It's your party after all. Just promise you'll save me a slice (or eight) xx

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