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I feel like this is going to be the first in a series of many posts on how to relax + unwind. It feels like a never-ending journey. We've heard the basics before, 'put your phone away,' 'cut back on your caffeine intake,' 'get more sleep.' They're all helpful suggestions, but what can you really do that will help? The easy answer is, I don't know! But I do have a few ideas that have helped me personally.

Take a trip. You don't have to Eat, Pray, Love around the world to find inner peace. Any change in scenery will be good for your soul. Just do it. Remember the advice I've given here? It's not foolproof, but it's a start.

Eat a meal al fresco. Get outside. The world is way bigger than your cubicle or your office or your living room. Most people would suggest going for a walk or a run outdoors, but sometimes I just prefer a good meal. Fire up the grill because barbecues cure everything. It's proven. By me.

Do something new. This can be anything. Try a different coffee shop or wear that shirt you bought a year ago that still has the tags on it. Walk the dog on a new route. Give painting a go. You don't have to be artsy or athletic or outgoing to do a certain activity. 

I want to hear what helps YOU - leave comments below xx

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