- Try it Tuesday: L'Oreal Elvive -

- Try it Tuesday: L'Oreal Elvive -

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This Try it Tuesday is about to get real. I've been having some serious hair issues with hair loss and breakage for around six months. Just before the wedding, it was at its worst, leaving me anxious, upset, and just plain sad. Although I've been doing quite a few things to improve my hair health (I'm open to doing a series of posts on this if you're interested?), there's been one product that has helped in particular. L'Oreal Elvive has been a lifesaver when it comes to the color and texture of my hair. 

Here's a little Q&A to explain my experience:

  • What is the craziest thing you've done to damage your hair? How did this product help reverse this damage?

For starters, I'm blonde, or rather - not naturally blonde, so hair dye. To boot, my hair is also very fine and curly. In less than a year, I have had bleach highlights, gone platinum, and dyed my hair with permanent hair dye. Within the past six months, I've experienced severe hair loss due to health issues and a potential permanent dye allergy. I can't lie and say that this product took away everything that's been done to my hair, but the change after using has been dramatic.

  • What did your hair look and feel like BEFORE using this product?

Before using the balm, my hair was looking dull and not curling like it used to. I had refrained from coloring my hair in fear of more hair loss, so the blonde was lackluster. The lack of volume had me frustrated. I had always depended on my hair for bounce - even when it was at its longest. You'll see in the Week One photo above, my hair looks especially dry.

  • What was the most noticeable change AFTER using this product?

After using the balm daily, my hair is insanely soft. It's curling again - YAY! Probably my favorite result. It's difficult for curly hair to be shiny, but this product did the trick. My blonde looks brighter as well. In my Week Two photo, you can see that my hair is able to withstand heat tools without fraying. Win!

  • Did you see results after one use?

No joke, after one use I was hooked. I've tried a ton of different products before, but only one or two really seemed to bring back my curls. I had major breakage framing one side of my face, which was tamed instantly. The hair was dry and rough, but bounced back.

  • Did Elvive revive your hair?

YES. My curls and volume are finally here to stay. I'm looking forward to tracking more progress with my hair. I've been happily using Elvive for about a month. In the Week Three photo, you'll see that my naturally curly hair has enough volume for two crazy space buns.

PS: my husband even commented on how soft my hair felt, so we all know it must be true.

Has anyone experienced hair loss? Is it a topic you'd like to hear more/less about? 

I received this product for free, but all opinions are my own.

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