- Try it Tuesday: Hiking -

Photographer |  Chris Marciano

Photographer | Chris Marciano

Staying fit outdoors is definitely one of my favorite activities. I've mentioned multiple times on the blog that I'm a huge fan of swimming and walking my dog. When temps drop (as they are starting to do now - sad!), I start searching for new additions to my fitness routine to get me up and out the door. So, I tried hiking!

What I like - awesome views that keep me interested during my workout, plenty of photo ops, + incredibly peaceful. Beautiful scenery that make you forget that you're working out? Sign me up!

What I don't like - bugs...and creepy noises in the woods. Hoping it was just deer that we heard! Maybe I've been watching one too many episodes of Pretty Little Liars ;)

What do you lovelies think? Is anyone into hiking? xx

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