- Try it Tuesday: e.l.f. Bronzer Palette -

I love the beach 24/7/365, but bronzer? Not so much. It's always seemed dark. And scary. However, this summer I've decided to give a bronzer palette a try. And, surprise, I love it! Here's a simple step-by-step bronzer tutorial that helps me look beach ready - even when I'm at the office ;)

1. Take a look at the pretty colors. Are you ready?

2. I use a combo of the two darker shades and I swipe up my cheekbone.

3. Then I swipe down.

4. I apply another bit of bronzer along my jawline - slightly underneath my chin.

5. I mix the lighter colors together and swipe on each temple.

6. I apply just a bit of the darkest hue to either side of my nose.

7. I gently blend using this big adorable fluffy brush.

Do you lovelies use bronzer? Has anyone tried a liquid type? xx

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