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Art has consistently been a huge part of my life - no matter how hard I've tried to stray away. Drawing is frustrating. Drawing is meticulous. Drawing is straight up difficult. But deep down, I love it! With Qustom Quinns, I'm back to my roots. I get to do everything I love in one place: draw, write, photograph, edit, beautify, and dress up.

With a big move coming up in about a year, I've been cleansing and organizing. Over the years, I've accumulated a ton of art supplies. And I mean a ton. When BBlackbox Luxe reached out to me with their grassroots brand message and minimalist well-made products - I was hooked. I needed a few new things to keep my art process streamlined. Perfect timing.

How cute are these cactus erasers?! I found them in a toy shop and was only a little embarrassed to buy them for myself. They make messing up portraits kind of fun ;) Also - my favorite of my new goodies is my 'Quinn' pencil pouch. Appropriately named!

My drawing routine almost always takes place after a full day of work, the gym, and then a shower. I toss on a robe and plop down wherever I can find the best light. Sometimes it's my desk, other times it's my big comfy couch. I cozy up + I get started! I am in love with this cotton fleece robe - feels like a sweatshirt.

Then a couple of hours later, I'm finished for the night! Is anyone else an artist? What's your routine, lovelies? xx

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