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A  fun notebook  for the plane ride.

A fun notebook for the plane ride.


Hi, lovelies! I'm prepping for a trip over here so I'm equal parts excited + swamped. It hasn't been terribly cold here in Philadelphia, but I'm looking forward to some warmer weather - I'm absolutely a summer baby. With spring break coming up soonish for many of you I thought I would do a little packing guide using my getaway as an example. I always tend to overbuy before traveling, so this time I tried to curb that:

What I bought -

New makeup. I brightened my collection with a few fresh spring hues. This e.l.f. lipliner is amazing + all of the colors are fabulous for the new season. My fave is nude pink.

Trend pieces. For this particular trip, I bought this Mickey Mouse denim jacket + this sunny bathing suit. I don't mind going a little cheesy for our day in Disney!

What I brought -

Travel-sized. I love these tiny bottles. They haven't spilled once + I bring them absolutely everywhere: overnight stays, weeklong travel, visits to the gym. I like to pack my toiletries in the plastic zipper bags that bedsheets are packaged in.

Transition pieces. It won't be tropical, but it will be warm. I'm a fan of tank tops + dresses, so I'm packing those along with cute edgy jackets like these.

Shoes. A comfortable pair of sneakers is always a must. I created this special pair of Qustom Quinns to always remember this trip. I stashed a pair of neutral wedges like these in my bag that will dress up any of my outfits for dinner.

Of course there are a few other items I will be packing! Stay tuned for daily outfit posts on Instagram xx

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