- Travel Beauty Routine -

- Travel Beauty Routine -


With a long-distance fiancé and a love for travel, I spend maybe 20% of my free time at home. I'm not always 'jet-setting,' during the remaining 80%, but it's safe to say I'm mostly bouncing around from place to place. So much so that I have a to-go bag of toiletries ready at all times. Hey, you never know.

I'm a routine kind of girl, especially when it comes to beauty and skincare. Here are my current hacks while I'm flying:


First off, I bring 3-4 contacts cases with me for storing beauty products. I fill one with face wash and one with coconut oil

I like to start a trip makeup free unless I know I'm rolling right to an appointment or event. I'll take out my contacts before the flight and moisturize using my travel sized Kiehl's

Beauty sleep is a real thing, ladies. I can never fake a good night's sleep. I'm notorious for dozing off almost right away, so I moisturize with a ton of coconut oil once I'm on the plane. I put on my eye mask aaaand I'm out.

Once I'm off the plane I'll moisturize once again. If I'm going right to bed, I'll use coconut oil. If I'll be layering with some makeup soon, I prefer my Kiehl's. Coconut oil is a little greasy-looking to me under my foundation.


It's no secret that I think eyelashes are top priority. I'm so serious about my lashes that sometimes (all of the time), I will bring two mascaras with me. Personal preference, but mascara over eyeliner any day of the week.

After all that moisturizing, I still dab e.l.f. Compact Powder beneath my eyes and on any blemishes. It is the perfect amount of coverage for photos. I'll use a smidge of highlighter on my cheekbones and in the corner of each eye. If I am feeling incredibly ambitious, I'll use a teeny bit of bronzer.

Vaseline is wonderful. I'll use this as a lip balm and as an eyebrow gel.

Voila, you are ready to get your vacation on! xx

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