- The Honeymooners -

- The Honeymooners -


I know, I know, Quinn, where ya been? Here's a little 'lately' of sorts to ease back into blogging. As we settle into our apartment and married life - YAY! - let's look through some vacation photos. I mentioned before that the honeymoon was a complete surprise. Chris planned out a leisurely two weeks in sunny Jamaica. Read on for outfits 'n more!


These random huts in the water were so beautiful. We snagged one a couple of nights to just watch the sunsets. The huts on the sand were just as neat. As a beach baby, I was totally in love.


Shark spotting.


Random fire pits near the water? I'll take two, please. PS: how cute are these hibiscus flowers Chris kept finding? They were my favorite accessory for two weeks.


I made these Qustom Quinns sneakers for my wedding day (photos of the big day soon!) and created a custom phone case to match with CaseApp. Use the code 'QUINNS20' for 20% off until 12.19. You can create a custom phone case or laptop skin by uploading a photo - easy peasy.


Breakfast in bed on the first morning...a honeymoon perk! There was also a day or two when Chris trekked across the resort with a tray of goodies to bring me breakfast in bed. I take my omelettes and coffee very seriously. In my pajamas.


Everyday we would pull our chairs down into the water. My 'efficient' way of never having to get up to get cool.


My new last name!


These hammocks over the Caribbean were in.sane. They were attached to a bar over the water called 'Latitudes.' A must-see. Below are my swimsuit and night out picks. It was so much fun to get dressed up 13 days straight.



Back to a regular blogging schedule next week, pinky promise. But for now Instagram is where it's at ;) Have an amazing week, lovelies xx

- Elevation -

- Elevation -

- Gettin' Hitched -

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