- Sunny Roundup -

I wear sunglasses in every season, but spring + summer always seem to have me shades-obsessed. I used to be wary of the size + shape, but after much trial and error, I've finally found my go-to pairs.

Classic black aviatorYou can't go wrong with an aviator style. You also can't go wrong with black. I received these Ray-bans for my birthday and immediately fell in love.

Oversized. This description is obviously super vague, but that's because it's supposed to be! I love to pull a Mary-Kate + Ashley and toss on the biggest sunglasses I can find to have everyone at the supermarket think I am totally chic.

Cat eye. Although the lenses are shaded, I believe sunglasses can still accentuate your eyes. A cat eye works for everyone. If you don't believe me choose a more subtle frame for starters.

What's your fave shape, lovelies? xx

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