- Spring Refresher -

Photographer |  Chris Marciano

Photographer | Chris Marciano

There's a whole new meaning to spring cleaning now that I'm 'adult-ing.' What am I doing for the new season?

Purchase a new bedspread. I love neutrals, more specifically, lighter neutrals like white. Grey + black have been overtaking my office wardrobe, so I prefer to keep things light + airy everywhere else. Unfortunately, a white comforter means no doggies allowed on the bed - unless I put down a blanket for her first ;)

Switch out the shoes. There are a few pairs of shoes that I keep on rotation year-round, but I'd be lying if I said I don't do a major shoe overhaul between winter + spring. I love warm weather, so it makes me so happy to pack up my boots and set out my open-toed wedges, sandals, flip flops, + loafers.  

Hair treatment. After the winter, everything about me seems very 'blah.' My hair, my skin, + my attitude desperately need sunshine. To refresh my hair in particular, I use this clarifying shampoo. It brightens + softens my curls, making the winter blues finally fade away.

How do YOU welcome spring? xx

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