- Dress to Impress: Tips -

Photographer |  Chris Marciano

Photographer | Chris Marciano

Spring arriving soon means dresses sans tights - which makes me incredibly excited. Short. Long. Bright. Neutral. Skater. Form-fitting. I love all types of dresses - just not always on me. I have a few things that I personally look for in a flattering dress...

Low Neckline. I prefer a lower neckline no matter what article of clothing I'm looking into. I like dainty necklaces, which are shown off more easily in a scoop neck dress. It's also a quick way to look slimmer.

Very Short/Very Long Length. I like to go short or long with my dress length for a bolder statement. Heel height plays a large role in dress selection. If I'm looking into a dress that rests above the knee, I reach for my sneaks or low-heeled booties. For a midi or maxi dress, I always go with heels. Pointed-toe heels work best to elongate your legs in a midi-dress, if that's your jam. 

Form-Fitting/Oversized. I love a dramatic dress design - go big or go home. I am always a fan of appearing taller than I really am. To achieve that faux tall look, I create a longer silhouette with a lightweight bodycon dress. For a beachy look, I prefer a dress with a low back and a long skirt.

What's your favorite type of dress? xx

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