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Oh, sneakers.

I've had a love-hate relationship with kicks from an early age. They didn't always seem comfortable to me + as a girly girl, it felt too masculine to add tennis shoes to an outfit. However, after starting Qustom Quinns two years ago, I began to slowly warm up to the idea of sneaks. They weren't just the shoes your dad mows the lawn in. They could be comfortable - and more importantly - they could be girly if I wanted them to be.

Here are a few pairs of my all-time favorite sneakers that I have on rotation:

New Balance (sold out, similar).

Previously, I hadn't worn NBs since the sixth grade. 11-year-old me would be mortified to know that I am sporting NBs outside of gym class. Whatever, mini Quinn. These kicks are the comfiest.

Nike (sold out, similar).

I have gotten many compliments on these bad boys. I received them as a birthday gift + couldn't be happier with them. I'm a definite fan of the Roshe Run.

Adidas (sold out, similar).

These seemed way too masculine when I first came across them, but the olive suede was something I just couldn't resist. I am still surprised at how easily these sneaks pair with most of my outfits. They're a win.

Barbie and Ken Qustom Quinns.

I created these from the coolest wedge converse. I've had them for two years and love 'em to death.

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