- Shopping in Your Own Closet -

With an upcoming wedding, I am realizing now more than ever that I need to be sticking to my budget! The onset of fall has me binge reading fashion blogs for autumn looks + inspiration. These pretty babes are posting all about their shiny new purchases, which has me wanting to shop. What's a girl on a budget to do?

Calling all ladies who don't want to break the bank: Shop in your own closet.

Start with your actual closet. I am always shocked at how many clothes, shoes, and accessories I have accumulated over the years. Although I donate clothes seasonally, I still have managed to hold onto quite a few pieces. I'm guilty of re-wearing my favorite outfits just because they're easy to find. Sort through that closet!

Dig in your jewelry box. Are you a closet minimalist? In all honesty, I'm jealous. But you probably have jewelry stowed away that you have forgotten about! I am always slightly embarrassed at all of the accessories (watches + necklaces, I'm looking at you) that I temporarily put away...and don't take out again. A rediscovered statement necklace can completely change your outfit.

Shoes are friends. Did you buy a pair of heels specifically for your prom dress years ago and then toss them aside? Shoes you may have written off as weird seasons ago, may be right up your alley this month. Be open-minded. Try it all!

Who else is digging through their closet this season? xx

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