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I have a real love for routines. While spontaneity is a bit of a stretch for me, planning is second nature. So, what are four pieces of my everyday routine that have truly made a difference? 

1. Drink water immediately upon waking. I'm a coffee gal through and through, but nothing makes me feel as energized as water. Once I shimmy out of bed, I make sure the first thing I do is drink a bottle of water. By the time I'm getting dressed for the day, I begin to feel refreshed and more awake. Then I'll have some coffee ;)

2. Exercise. I make it a point to 'move + shake' once a day. Whether it's a low-key walk, lap-swimming, or a fitness class, I find that I feel like a superstar after I've challenged myself. This doesn't necessarily mean I force myself to hit the gym every day, but moving around helps me to blow off steam.

3. Do a good deed. I know, I know. Shouldn't we always be kind and caring? Sure, but sometimes it's okay that it's not your first reaction to be completely selfless. Occasionally, you need to push yourself in order to be the person you want to be. It's not always my first choice to volunteer early on a Sunday morning, but once I'm there it's worth it.

4. Do one thing for me. It can be something small, like doing my makeup - or something huge like planning a vacation ;) I've found that it's important for me to take a few minutes or even an hour to breathe and not think about a to-do list or a problem. This ties in big time with #2. Going for a swim clears my mind way more than stressing and biting my nails for an hour would. 

What's an important part of your everyday routine? I'd love to hear! xx

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