- Rocksbox + Qustom Quinns -

Photographer | Chris Marciano

Mini Dress | Trench | OTK Boots | Quinn Clutch |  Jewels  (use code qustomquinnsxoxo)

I'm always that friend who forgets to put in her earrings, misplaces her rings, and wears the same necklace day after day. My jewelry rut was real + I was beyond ready for a refresh. Rocksbox - the accessory savior - gives you unlimited access to rent the coolest jewels. It gives you inside access to the latest jewelry trends and hottest designers. I'm here to give you 1 month of FREE Rocksbox with the code qustomquinnsxoxo

Here's 2 out of the 3 pieces I received in my October Rocksbox that - no joke - I love. I prefer to keep most of my outfits neutral and simple, leaving me room to get creative with my accessories. Rocksbox really nailed it with this month's selection. These pieces take me from the office to dinner, which is exactly what I need.

RocksBox Trench-11-1.jpg
RocksBox Trench-1-1.jpg

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