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- Our Home Office Reveal -

- Our Home Office Reveal -

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I wish I could take all the credit for our wonderful home office that has come to fruition. Still when I pass it on my way to the bedroom or bathroom or closet, I stop and stare. She's beautiful. To me, anyway.

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A home office has been a dream of mine since I started sketching over 20 years ago. The thought of not having to sleep directly next to my work was intriguing, even at six years old. Chris and I made our dreams come true with our two bedroom apartment - or as we like to say, one bedroom, one office. We're, like, so professional.

Originally, I wanted a full blown art studio. Giant windows for natural light, big ole mobile drawers for storage - the whole nine yards. Our current space is limited, seeing as it isn't an edgy warehouse, so I thought inside the box. Literally. This cube wall desk is absolutely perfect. I needed to be able to organize a weird assortment of art supplies, merchandise, makeup, and camera equipment. All in one place. With enough room for Chris and his desk as well. 

Chris did most (all) of the heavy lifting and organization (how cool are husbands?!). I chose my big comfy marshmallow office chair and did some minimal decorating with gifts from my mom. Chris hooked us up with surround sound so he can play his record player on full blast. He event bought me a Bee Gees album to kick off our office party.

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 Photographer |  Chris Marciano

Photographer | Chris Marciano


Voila! Here we are. To say I'm over the moon is a gross understatement. It's a work in progress, but this office is something pretty special to me. It's kind of neat when you know you're making your first grade self proud.

- Stolen From the Boys -

- Stolen From the Boys -

- Disco Inferno -

- Disco Inferno -