- Necklace Favorites -

I'm a watch lover, but there's something about a dainty necklace that always catches my attention. I've mentioned before that I'm a fan of less is more - and that applies to my taste in jewelry as well. I'll experiment with the occasional statement necklace, but I always come back to something slim that rests close to the collarbone. So, what are my everyday favorites?

Gold. I am in love with this simple gold chain. I received it in my Rocksbox and I so don't want to give it back! I've worn it to countless photo + video shoots, work events, and even just to walk my dog. It's the perfect addition to any outfit.

Monogram. I love personalization - even more so after starting Qustom Quinns. Q's go with everything ;)

Eiffel Tower. This little number is super affordable + my fave accessory for a casual look.

What are your favorite pieces of jewelry? xx

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