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I'm Quinn - an artist and dessert enthusiast. Questions? E-mail QustomQuinns@gmail.com. Thanks for dropping in!

- My Wedding Shower Brunch -

- My Wedding Shower Brunch -


I'm so so happy to bring you photos from my surprise bridal shower brunch! My mom took the reins and put together an afternoon that was very me, if you will. Thanks, Mom!


A beautiful tiara from my mom, gorgeous flowers from my fiancé, and a big hug from my stunning maid of honor.


How cute are my bridesmaids?! I was beyond ecstatic to see my girls. I am also in the gorgeous Laura's wedding - how lucky am I?


Anyone who knows me is totally aware of my breakfast obsession. Coffee, tea, eggs, toast, ladies, do we see where this is going? My adorable favors were toast coasters and a teeny to-go cup filled with candy! PS: My mom made this dress. Is she real?


A collection of selfies with Chris and me. We need more paparazzi if you ask me ;)

 Photographer | Pat McGarvey

Photographer | Pat McGarvey

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who was there for my special day! I hate to speak for Chris - although I can now that we're engaged, right? ;) - but we are both over the moon about the wedding! I can't wait to share more with you babes. It will be so magical.

PS: If we can talk fashion for just a second, k? My dress was under $40 from Forever 21. I was totally in love with the fit and quality. More of my favorite white dress picks above xx

- Try it Tuesday: Eyebrow Brush -

- Try it Tuesday: Eyebrow Brush -

- Lately: LXIII -

- Lately: LXIII -