- 4 Secrets for Hair Volume -


It's no secret that my naturally curly hair is my main source of volume. However, believe it or not, there are some days when my curls dry limp and flat. On those days, I have a few different methods to rack up that volume:

Take a brush to it. I'm not normally a brush proponent, but when it comes to volume, sometimes a hairbrush is all you need. Be sure to tease your hair gently at the crown of your head. Do not tease the top layer of your hair near your part. This will just create a layer of frizz that will fall flat later in the day. Only tease the strands beneath.

Baby powder. For you ladies who have exceptionally flat roots - add some baby powder! Applying just a little powder around the crown of your head and using your fingers to tease the roots can work wonders. For optimal results, flip your part around.

Don't be afraid of the frizz. Although it's best to avoid that top layer of frizz, if it happens, embrace it. Letting your hair get a little wild can look better than a perfectly manicured hairdo.

Take a photo. To make sure it's the right amount of wild, take a selfie! You would be surprised how much tamer your hair looks in a photo than it feels in person. What you consider 'out of control,' probably isn't that crazy at all. Be aware of how your hair really looks. Photos are an easy way to see what's up.

What are your secrets for volume, lovelies? xx

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