- My Bedtime Routine -

Photographer |  Chris Marciano  ( pjs ,  pillow )

Photographer | Chris Marciano (pjs, pillow)

SLEEP. We all need it - and we all rarely get enough of it. Some days, my favorite time is snuggling up in bed. Lately, I've been making more of a conscious effort to hit the hay earlier than I have been. I've found it's more refreshing to catch more z's than it is to pile on the concealer ;)

Here's my bedtime routine:

Wash My Face + Remove Makeup. I feel so much better with a makeup-free face. Anyone else? My favorite face wash is Yes to Cucumber. I did a review of this milk cleanser here. It's so soothing and has a subtle scent. My favorite makeup remover wipes for eye makeup are Neutrogena. They take a cat eye off in seconds.

Brush + Floss. No-brainer, right? Wrong. There are so many nights I used to completely forget to floss before bed. Thoroughly brushing my teeth - especially before bed - has made them at least a shade whiter. This means I can now confidently experiment with more lip colors! Priorities.

Apply Coconut Oil. Between living in a city, makeup, and swims in the pool (tons of chlorine) my skin can get pretty angry with me. Coconut oil's healing properties have me hooked. You can hear me fan-girl over this more here.  I apply liberally to my face and neck overnight to feel moisturized in the morning.

What do your routines look like, lovelies? xx

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