- My 5 Days Without Sugar -

- My 5 Days Without Sugar -


I can most accurately be described as, what my dad likes to call, a sugar bear. I get bored of pizza after a slice, but when it comes to cake? I'll take the round piece, please.

It's to the point where my mom knows to be permanently stocked up on whipped cream. My fiance frequently warns me not to 'eat so much cake that my tummy hurts.' And if I'm coming over, my best friend knows we're having cookies (preferably chocolate chip, but let's be honest, I ain't got no type).

Once, my dog savagely tore into an entire chocolate cake and my dad thought it was me. I sort of don't blame him.

After my favorite sugary holiday (Easter), my body decided to hate me. I mean really really hate me. I was exposed to my favorite candies in adorable shapes, homemade cookies, cannolis, and a great weakness of mine: bunny cake. In an attempt to reconcile with my raging stomach, I lived a few days without processed sugar. It wound up being an entire workweek. Here's what my 5 business days sans sugar looked like:

Day One.

  • Pretty easy! I'm still super full from Easter goodies. I'd rather not look at that Reese egg. Surprisingly, had a ton of energy during my workout.

Day Two.

  • I'm annoyed. But, my skin has mysteriously cleared up. The heinous and massive breakout on my forehead has finally subsided. My stomach still hates me. For the record, I hate her too. My workout was consistent with yesterday's.

Day Three.

  • I really want a cannoli. It looks super pretty and delicious and life without sugar seems unfair. I'm tired of eating hardboiled eggs as my Easter leftovers. I'm still bloated. My workout was awesome though.

Day Four.

  • I was incredibly busy today, so I didn't eat as much as I typically do. My stomach is rebelling a little less. There might be hope. I had an okay workout, but I attribute that to not having time to eat my daily oatmeal.

Day Five.

  • I miss sugar so much that I ate two bananas in a row. It was not nearly as satisfying as putting cool whip on a big mug of hot chocolate. Mmm, chocolate. My workout was good!


  • Skin: By the end of the week, my skin was so clear that I didn't even wear foundation on Friday - woohoo!
  • Weight: I was fitting into my pencil skirts significantly better. No crazy noticeable difference on the scale.
  • Mindset: I didn't notice a huge difference. Other than being slightly angry when I got home from work and couldn't eat a cookie. I don't always eat cookies, but I like to know the option exists.
  • Energy Level: Nixing sugar caused me to eat more protein, which definitely helped my workouts. My swims were faster this week.

All in all, I think this exercise has made me at least more mindful of what sugar does to me. I'm a fan of everything in moderation, so there's no chance that I'll be completely cutting out cake anytime soon. However, it has encouraged me to lay off the cool whip and save my sugar intake for something super fun. Like real maple syrup on pancakes. Mmm, pancakes...What do you lovelies think? Are you a sugar bear too? xx


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