- My 4 Favorite Sunscreens -

Where are my beach babies at? It's your time to shine. Although sun protection is something we should be aware of during every season, I'm guilty of mainly using sunscreen during the warm weather months. As annoying as it is to reapply and remember to put it on in the first place, I'm always glad when I do. I've tried virtually every brand out there in my quest to prevent sun damage and wrinkles. Here are my 4 faves:

Neutrogena Clear Face. Ugh, acne + sunscreen do not mix well. Acne caused by sun protection is even worse. I've found that Neutrogena's formula does a great job of keeping my skin clear and burn-free. 

Sun Bum. I originally picked up this product because of the packaging - too cute to handle. I love the smell and the long-lasting wear, which make it well worth the price.

Coppertone Ultra Guard. Ah, Coppertone. The sunscreen I've been using since forever. I recently just avoided major sunburn at a barbecue because of this lotion, so if that's not enough convincing I don't know what is ;)

Raw Elements. For those of you worried about nasty chemicals in regular suntan lotions, this is your product. It goes on pretty thick, which makes the application process take a little longer than usual, but it is very water resistant.

What's your favorite sunscreen, lovelies? xx

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