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- A Love Letter to My Hair -

- A Love Letter to My Hair -

When I was 12 years old I had my first haircut. It was at a barber shop. Don't ask me why. He hacked off inches of my ringlets, leaving me with what is now known as a 'lob.' In 2004, the 'lob' was not a good look. Long, overly straightened, highlighted hair reigned supreme. I distinctly remember sobbing into a pillow with my fuzzy brunette head, my aunt consoling me. She told me it was just hair and that it would grow back.

Three years later, I voluntarily decided to chop my hair. Short. Very short. Too short. What I had spent years growing was trimmed in minutes. Mortifying. Horrifying. I didn't do a full hair cut again for another 10 years. 

Just last week, I took off quite a few inches. Why is cutting your hair always so terrifying? Here is a love letter to my shorter hair and short hair everywhere. Short hair, I know you get a bad rep, but I'm here for you. 

Dear Surprise Short Hair,

I love that you make me feel incredibly 1997.

I love how my shower time is cut in half.

I love that some mornings I wake up looking like Little Orphan Annie.

I love that you vaguely look like a mom cut from certain angles.

I love that you are weird and have a mind of your own. Even when I try to brush you. Or straighten you. Or use the blowdryer. 

I love that you're just hair. And that you'll grow back.

Love, Quinn

I've gotta know - what's your love letter to your hair? xx

- Mix 'n Match -

- Mix 'n Match -

- Try it Tuesday: Yoga Studio App -

- Try it Tuesday: Yoga Studio App -