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A girl and her hair. It's a tale as old as time. 

Like most women, I've straightened mine, curled mine, fried mine, dyed mine, conditioned mine, hated mine, and at the end of the day, loved mine. Four years ago - already? yikes... - I had a rendez-vous with clip-in extensions. It was fun, but time consuming for a girl with naturally curly hair. The extensions I chose were too heavy for my fine hair and I wound up dying my natural hair a totally different color, leaving my extensions behind.

When Irresistible Me reached out, I decided to give clip-in extensions another try - in a different color, in a shorter, more natural length, and with four years of hair wisdom under my belt. The verdict? I love 'em. I'm lazy when it comes to my hair anymore; I'm a huge fan of the wash-and-go. With these extensions, I only have to add one extra step - blowdrying my hair straight - then I clip-and-go. I'm not going to lie to you and say that they are a part of my everyday routine, but they're great for days I have meetings, an event, or don't feel like doing my make-up, but want a little something extra. 

So, what do you lovelies think? Would you like a tutorial on how to put on and/or care for clip-in extensions? xx

Extensions | Honey Blonde 14 inches 200 grams

Photographer | Chris Marciano

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