- In My Bag -

Purse  |  *Thank you to Fossil.

Purse | *Thank you to Fossil.

Your purse. Your tote. Your right-hand woman. What is it about your bag that makes it so special? Besides its cute exterior, obviously the contents inside. I'm sure by this point you're wondering...what's in my bag?

Card Case. Call me a dad, but I am a huge proponent of card holders. I've given up on wallets recently - and truth be told, I don't think I'm ever looking back.

Makeup. That midday touchup seems high maintenance, but don't listen to the haters. Keep that powder in your purse. Yes, you will need your cat eyeliner redefined at 2 pm.

Pens. As a fine artist, I kick it old school. I prefer to manually write notes down if time permits. Plus, letting someone borrow a pen is always a way to make new friends.

Business Cards. You never know who you'll meet. Slide a few of those into the back of your card case. It's all coming full circle now, right?

I'd love to know: what am I missing? What are your favorite items to tote around? xx

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