- How to Plan the Ultimate Girls' Trip -

- How to Plan the Ultimate Girls' Trip -

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Anyone who knows anything knows that I love a weekend away. I book hotels quicker than I blink, I make dinner reservations before I've seen a menu, and I have a habit of yelling , 'HECK YES' (too loudly), when I overhear travel plans. I've gotten a few questions on how to plan a girls' vacation, so let's go, ladies. Let's go there.

  • What's your biggest piece of travel advice?

The people. Just say it. Some personalities don't jive with yours - and that's okay! Make sure that you and your travel partner(s) are on the same team. You agree on the things that matter ('Let's stock up on water and Smart Food for the room.') and are willing to compromise ('I'll wake up for breakfast if you sign up for the boat tour.'). You don't need negative Nancy's or controlling Carol's on your vacation.

  • How do you afford to travel so often?
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I get asked this all of the time. And I want to help you travel as much as I do (and more!). Really pay attention to where you spend your money. Traveling is one of the only things I like to do besides eating (eating while traveling takes the cake), so I dedicate most of my money to it. I'll cut out online shopping, make my own coffee instead of buying, and skip out on going to the bar to afford trips. If you add up what you would spend grabbing daily Starbucks, you would be surprised how quickly you've saved for a two-night getaway. 

  • What are your favorite travel sites/apps/etc?
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Google Flights

  • How do you come up with an itinerary?

It's all about balance (remember it's a vacation!). Typically, there are 1-2 activities that I'll  designate for each day ('Today we'll go to this museum, then that ice cream shop'). Beyond that I try to keep my agenda wide open. I ask locals for food recommendations and try to make reservations when I can. I'm not intense on keeping to a schedule because the fun normally happens when I'm wandering around.

  • How do you get good travel photos?
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If you do one thing, learn how to use your phone camera. Know how to use your touch screen focus! So many people don't even know it's a feature - ladies, work that phone. Also, have that friend who will always be there to take your photo. And always be there for her. Because that is true friendship.

There you have it - my foolproof way to have an amazing time with your girls. Does anyone have anything to add? Leave more questions below, babes! xx

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